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Fire Away

Speaking of Sparking

I’ll come right out and say it, speaking of sparking, I’d like to ignite the room, fuel the imagination and then burst into creative flames, perhaps that’s a bit… inflammatory?.  


But, hey, I’m in the heat of the moment, images fire away in my brain, Wildfire, catching fire, running across tall grasses, traveling from hearth to stake, hearth to heretic, we believe in flames, we know heat, warmth in one moment, doom and destruction in another.  We want fire in the belly, passionate flare ups, flames licking at our heels propelling us forward into vast futures, burn the timeworn down, throw the old into the blaze and start again. Carrying the torch. We’re all fired up.

But then, naturally - would that be accurate - do we still have a sense of ‘natural’ – naturally the fire fades, dying embers in the heart, post combustion, post conflagration. The moment was so quick.  Fire’s like that.  Quick and unforgiving once it takes hold, but then thank God -  or the gods depending on your world view -  the flames die down and we are left contemplating ash.


An out of place guest lecturer takes us on a wild and poignant ride through the elements to discover her own fear of fire.  Playing on the edges of fact and fiction and wavering with lightning speed between humor and pathos, Woodson delivers another eccentric and poetic expose.

Fire Away was commissioned by the Institute at Brown University for Environment and Society, as part of Earth, Itself, designed to stimulate conversations and collaborations across the natural and social sciences, humanities and the arts.  Written and performed by Wendy Woodson, 2017.

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