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"I would like to begin simply, simply standing in place, on my own two feet, some sense of center, breath in and out. I look to my surroundings, colors, the light, the temperature and the smells. And then I look across the way, whatever way that might be, and I see you, well as much of you as I can. We’re creating an atmosphere together, full of gravitas…. or is it light hearted? Not exactly, how can it be, in this somewhat…. unnatural situation?


What is natural, unnatural?.....This is a work in progress. Do you catch my drift?"



Drift was commissioned by the  Institute at Brown for Environment and Society, as part of Earth, Itself, curated by                                     designed to stimulate conversations and collaborations across the natural and social sciences, humanities and the arts.  Written and performed by Wendy Woodson, 2016.

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