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in a corner singing to myself

Someone in the story is missing

You can see that, he was standing right here for the moment

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can stand next to you in line

could reach you, I'll try and tell you soon

If I 

I can't remember the words

that's what you were saying to yourself

I'm                             , looking in from the outside

standing alone

No where to be found or recovered

Some place I can't recall

and you can't remember

You are smiling, you shifts slightly and 

extend your hand.

Singing to myself across the wide distance

Wavering on the edge of a room or a platform

and gesture to some absent body

Is that where  you want me?

any given corner and say I'm with you

Small sign and then a turn

Anywhere on the street

without you knowing

I would do that

I'd link arms and smile at you

                                 in another direction

At the occasion

I want many occasions

Lost places retrieved and moments to come

and then before the song started

he was gone.

Next time, I'll come to you arms wide open

That's what you were saying

and you can do the same

I'm standing here, my arms folded across my chest

One moment, another

slowly trying to open, and let them lie naturally at my side

I'm turning at another direction, rushing into the intersection

I'm looking for you

I'm looking for you

who speaks my language, and yours

who looks like you


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