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Wayfarer is a video adaptation of a solo choreographed by Israeli choreographer Idan Cohen for dancer Noa Shiloh; video by Wendy Woodson. Shot on location at the Wisteriahurst Museum in Holyoke Massachusetts. The original solo and the video adaptation are set to “Songs of a Wayfarer,” a cycle of songs by Austrian Jewish composer Gustav Mahler.

"It’s a very poetic and absorbing adventure film for one woman, the dancer, who seems to travel through a kind of psychic territory like a human bird displaced from her nest. Wistariahurst provides a perfect nostalgic and evocative locale that beautifully echoes the mysteriousness of the movement .... the film helps us enter a world we've never seen before and in which we make our own associations and emotion connections. It’s a relief from the ordinary."  (Don Sanders, Director MIFA)

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