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Present Company, Inc

Founded in 1980 as a 501-c-3 organization in Washington D.C. by artistic director Wendy Woodson and now based in Amherst, MA., Present Company Inc(luded)  has a national reputation for innovative and exciting interdisciplinary performance of outstanding quality. Since the company’s premiere at the Washington Project for the Arts with a full-length dance/theater work, Baggage and the Fates in 1980 the company has produced some ninety-five works.  These works - ranging from full-length multi-media performance works to experimental videos and installations - are developed by Woodson working in collaboration with artists from theater, dance, video, music, and the visual arts.  Experimental innovation and poetic interaction between word, movement and image define the company’s artistry with a primary focus on how different individuals and groups struggle to define, maintain and defy diverse senses of belonging and relationship(s).


Since it’s founding in 1980 many individuals have made invaluable contributions to Present Company.  These collaborating associate artists in dance, theater, music and design include:​

Zeina Nasr, Anna Maynard, Christopher-Rasheem  McMillan,Jen Polins, Lauren Horn, Lucille Jun,  Peter Schmitz, Court Dorsey, Dan Keller, Kathy Couch, Suzanne Palmer Dougan, Eric Poggenpohl,  Dody DiSanto, Jake Meginsky, Idan Cohen, Noa Shiloh, Phil Roberts,  Myles Mumford, Nela Trifkovic, Lenore Manderson, Ron Bashford, Jennifer Nugent, Paul Matteson, Achim Nowak, Marina Libel, Lisa Biggs, Mike Vargas,  Rachel Tischler, James Emery, Candice Salyers, Susan Thompson, James Ory Brown,  Janna Goodwin, B.J. Goodwin, Stephen Katz, David Beadle, Ayre Burstyn, Nade Haley, Ben Turner, Ann Carlson, David Woodberry, Roberta Levine, Belinda Mello, Rob Donaldson, Matthew Carnahan, Teresa Reeves, Robert Shampain, Laurie Uprichard, Jane Phelan, Maggie Meenehan, Ritchie Porter, Matthew Popecki, Mary Sing, Christopher Dupre,  Jolie Barbiere, Thia Sontag,  W. David Cohen, Steven Carty, Joan Walker, Suzanne Collins, Zach Swagger, Bobby Read, Robin Rose, Ellen Barlow, Jack Guidone, Anne Basin, Kit Watkins, Cynthia Berkshire, Lauren Seelye-Harris,  Jorge Luis Abreu, Constance Fowlkes, Bill Baker, Shira Malin Baker, Isabel Lee Malone, Sarah Pleydell Walton

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