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Elsewhere, a movement/text duet that travels across time and generations.  In a fast-paced choreographic and verbal dialogue, two women of different ages - possible shadows of each other - wrestle with a multitude of ‘elsewheres’ and ‘elsewises’ as they try and establish a sense of belonging.  Words and movements are exchanged and echoed between the two, veering wildly from one association to another - from dead serious to humorous, from the personal and the political.  Through an accumulating rhythm of call and response and with a constant push-pull between being in one place and needing an ‘elsewhere’, the two find a way to stand together and be still and quiet in the moment.  

Elsewhere was first performed as a live movement/text piece performed by Anna Maynard and Wendy Woodson with text by Wendy Woodson.  It was performed at the Bodies in Motion Festival at Hawley Street Theater in Northampton, January 2020.  The text was recorded and used as the basis for a sound design by MacKenzie Kugel.  Once the audio was completed, Woodson added video images to create a version 2 of Elsewhere.

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